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Eric Till began his career in England, directing for the , before migrating to in the 1970s. His feature credits included the caper film (starring , , and ), (based on the James Herriott novels), (with Corey Haim and ), the movie , and the bio-pic (again with Ustinov). In television, Till directed episodes of , the 1980s revival of , , and , as well as several TV movies, including (with and ).


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British director Eric Till graduated from the BBC television mills with his first theatrical feature, the droll Peter Ustinov comedy Hot Millions (1968). Moving to Canada in the 1970s, Till directed such critically acclaimed "small" pictures as 1977's Bethune, in which Donald Sutherland was cast as a real-life physician/political activist. Till's most lucrative project was 1981's If You Could See What I Hear, a low-key biography of sightless singing star Tom Sullivan (played by Marc Singer). Eric Till's TV-movie manifest has encompassed such projects as 1979's An American Christmas Carol (filmed in Canada, of course) and the 1984 cable special A Case of Libel.