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Trained as a dancer from early childhood, Essence Atkins made the switch to acting as a teenager when she was cast in a guest role on "The Cosby Show" (NBC, 1984-1992). She went on to small parts on other television shows before landing a starring role on the drama "Under One Roof" (CBS, 1995), which lasted a mere six weeks. Atkins continued undaunted in her career, however, winning a number of roles in feature films and starring on several more television series including "Smart Guy" (The WB, 1997-99), "Half & Half" (UPN, 2002-06), and "Are We There Yet?" (TBS, 2010-13), as well as working alongside Marlon Wayans in the spoof of found-footage horror films, "A Haunted House" (2013).

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Essence Atkins is celebrating two major milestones this year

Essence Uhura Atkins (born February 7, 1972) is an American actress and model. She began her career appearing on television sitcoms, before regular role on the short-lived first African American prime time soap opera, (, 1995).