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Hink Stap Sprong (Baldo Remix)

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Angela is survived by her mother and step father, Esther and Daniel Ganz; husband, Doni; four sons, David, Tyler, James, Johnathan; grandmother, Esther Hinks; great aunt, Juanita Smith; uncle, Robert Gaines; sister, Kelly Jason; brother, Ronnie J'Neane; brother, Jerry Kenda; sister, Catherine; brother, Michael Jasmine; brother, Tom; brother, Leslie Kirsten; brother, Bub, step brother Carl; step sister, Amber Roger; step brother, Jason Cris; step sister, Shevell; mother and father–in-law, Kay and Madesto; brother-in-law, Jeff Kristie Duane and 21 nieces and nephews.

I think every human being has a choice about what he thinks or chooses to think,that is a God-given gift. In the same way whatever you choose to believe is true according to your personal perception and therefore your reality. Esther thinks Abraham is real,so be it. You think it's all fake so let it be. I believe life is better when you choose to think happy thoughts, Abraham's teachings or not, and that is good enough for me and I believe for all human kind. After all we all just want the feelings brought about by the fulfillment of our desires or the final emotional satisfaction of it, so why not just skip to the end if you can?


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