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  • I have quite a bit of experience designing books and self-publishing. It’s not too difficult, but here is one perennial problem I’ve run into:
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Where You Least Expect (Thornehill Springs Book 1)

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Guest post contributed by . THM is an experienced book reviewer, who has been on Amazon UK’s top 500 reviewer list. Check out her blog for more of her reviews and review submission guidelines.

You can ask other reviewers if they know of anyone who could review your book but if you do this and someone does give you some contact details YOU must contact those reviewers yourself, don’t expect a book reviewer/blogger to do that work for you. – I’ve been asked by some authors whether I know of other reviewers for their book. I’ve sometimes been able to refer them to some people but one author wanted me to seek out these people and recommend the book to them myself. Not only time consuming for me but something an author should be doing.


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