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Lon Nol also had to deal with a number of dissident FARK senior officers whom, though sharing most of his views, felt that the overthrow of Sihanouk had been one step too far. Many of these royalist officers resigned in protest from the armed forces’ structure when Gen. Lon proceeded to transform with American help the old FARK into the FANK to accommodate the character of the new Republican regime. By contrast, new recruits were readily available from the ranks of the far-right , a US-backed anti-communist guerrilla group led by the hardline Nationalist which had fought against Sihanouk’s regime during the 1960s and who always viewed him as a communist crony.

Facing them was the FUNK’s armed wing, the (CPNLAF) which received arms and ammunition freely from the nation's porous borders. While the CPNLAF was far smaller, the FANK High Command was always faced with the problem of how to provide adequate equipment for the swelling number of volunteers who flocked to fight the NVA and the Khmer Rouge from their dwindling stocks. As the war progressed, weapons and ammunition, not to mention training grounds, became rarer, the FANK was unable to train in-country their new recruits, leaving it an army of raw conscripts and demoralized veterans. The FANK was already placed at a strategic disadvantage since May 1970, following the seizure of the northeastern areas of the country (the provinces of , , , and ) by the NVA in response to the Lon Nol ultimatum and the loss to the Khmer Rouge of several peripheral eastern and southwestern (, , , , plus portions of , , , , and ) during that same year.


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Fank is the root word and is a noun and can be pluralized to "Fanks" if you have more than one bad tank in your group. There is also a verb form: "Fanking" that is used to describe a tank and how he is doing in the present situation. Example: "Wow this guys is Fanking hard, he let the healer die every pull!" It is considered improper to use the word as an adjective. For example: This guy is a Fank tank" Fank implies that he is a tank so calling him a tank after is redundant. It is acceptable to refer to a pet (e.g Hunter pets, a void walker etc.) as a "Fank" if their owner chooses to volunteer the pet for tanking services.