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Racing a '67 Dodge Dart - Part 1

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The pair will always have one big project to complete because they know that's where the money is that will keep their garage open for business. Richard has the knack for choosing the right cars to keep, but Aaran is the one who does the mechanical work in the car. The saying "time is money" is appropriate here because they have to get the car flipped and sold to get the next car into the garage. It's understandable that theirs can get crazy as they try to complete their job. In the end, you know they will make the cars fast and loud because that is the way they like their old cars to work.

congrats Richard on all your success cant wait to read your book and watch the new season of fastnloud your a very handsome man and I love to see yall build a Camaro 67 would be great …….


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