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A Masterpiece Of Our Love (The Masterpiece Trilogy Book 1)

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Until recently, disability studies has pretty much ignored science fiction both as a field of study and as an endeavor in which to write. Under the guest editorship of Ria Cheyne, Britain's Journal of Disability and Cultural Studies did devote some space in the introductory section one issue to science fiction and disability”, and even more recently, Joselle Vanderhooft edited Shattering Ableist Narratives, an anthology whose contents summarized a WisCon conference dedicated to exploring the intersection of disability and SF. As important as both of these publications were, both had their drawbacks. Cheyne's effort was limited simply by having to confine her work to what could be included in one issue of a journal; Vanderhooft's, by the uneven nature and quality of the conferences submissions. Fortunately for those interested in the tremendous potential of science fiction for disability studies, Disability in Science Fiction (Palmgrave, 2013) edited by Kathryn Allan has now made its appearance.

"This is the first volume to recognize the link between science fiction and disability studies in doing the important work of concrete speculation about our embodiment. It opens an important conversation about the vital role of science fiction in disability studies." - Joan Gordon, editor of Science Fiction Studies and Humanimalia


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