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FileMaker Pro 10 Bible


The ten new demonstration files highlight the new features and techniques available in FileMaker Pro 10 and FileMaker Pro 10 Advanced, and also enrich the descriptions of the new features in the FileMaker Pro 10 Bible. The suite of sample and demonstration files is available for immediate download and can be found online at:

This new suite of demonstration files is being made available to mark the release of the FileMaker Pro 10 Bible, authored by Ray Cologon of NightWing Enterprises. The FileMaker Pro 10 Bible is published by Wiley and comprises 816 pages packed with explanations, background, techniques and advice for everything from starting out to advanced solution design using the latest versions of the powerful FileMaker product line. More information about the FileMaker Pro 10 Bible can be found using the following link:


Build powerful custom apps faster | FileMaker Pro Advanced

FileMaker Pro 10 Bible provides information that grows with you no matter what your level when you start. Topics range from the general (how databases fit into real life and your business needs; comparisons with other database development tools; a broad discussion of integration with existing systems and software) through the building-blocks of FileMaker solutions, and on up to state-of-the-art advice on concepts of optimization, modularization, innovative and sophisticated user-interface design, dynamic elements, logic, cutting-edge calculations, publishing your database to the Web, and integrating tightly with SQL databases via “ESS”. The book also includes the special developer tools available in FileMaker Pro Advanced, and covers topics too oft skipped over in other books on the market — backup how-to’s and strategies, must-read information about good database husbandry and file recovery, and so on. Much of the information in the book is documented nowhere else. This is the one must-have FileMaker book!