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Fiona Horne is a rock goddess, best-selling author, Wiccan priestess, actress, TV writer-producer and more! This year sees her back in the spotlight in a big way as her band Def FX gear up for a reunion tour, the first in 15 years. In her first interview since announcing the tour dates last week on the band’s Facebook page, Fiona chats candidly about her devastation at Def FX’s untimely end in 1997, the excitement of the upcoming tour, Def FX existing without co-founding member Sean Lowry, performing topless, her new book deal with the publishers of Harry Potter, what she’s been doing for the past decade and, of a recent near-death experience.

FIONA HORNE: I moved a long time ago so L.A. is home now. I still get back to Australia as often as I can, that’s probably only once a year now to be honest. This has been my fulltime place of residence now for a decade.


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For Australian Fiona Horne—author, actress and witch—Wicca, or witchcraft, is a life-affirming spiritual path. “In my book Magickal Sex,” she says, “I describe how our ability to reach orgasm in a sacred ritual state is the best magic—it always works. Sex magic to witches is like saying a prayer, only it’s a lot more fun.“