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Tucker married four times: (1) in 1940 to Sandra Jolley (1919–86), divorced in 1950, daughter of the (who also died of emphysema) and the sister of the -winning , (2) to Marilyn Johnson on March 28, 1950, and after her death in 1960 (3) to Marilyn Fisk on October 23, 1961. He had a daughter (Pamela "Brooke" Tucker) by his first marriage and a daughter (Cindy Tucker) and son (Forrest Sean Tucker) by his third. (4) In 1986, he married Sheila Forbes.

"These connections surcharge our combined sewer system and cause basement backups, overland pooling and street flooding," said Forrest Tucker, special projects coordinator for the village.


Forrest TUCKER a joué dans la série ou le téléfilm :

Forrest Tucker Relationship was of one date that was arranged by the studioes for Publicity purposes only with Marie McDonald, There was`nt a romance due to Marie being envolued at that time with Bruce Cabot (1942).