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Martin Fierro (English and Spanish Edition)


Captain Frank Carroll Martin, son of Captain Frank Crawford Martin remembered his father who owned and developed the land that would be called Richmond Heights.

I am currently a student at Frank C Martin international now into my 8th and final year at this school. I have watched the school change and grow in size. I have been attending since 1st grade and my younger sister continues here too. The teaching styles differ from teacher to teacher and if you are lucky enough to have a good and experienced teacher it is a blessing. The school mostly focuses on academics which is why there are so little sports and the extracurriculars are all geared towards academics. Although many of the 8th graders are relatively new all of us old students treated them all like family so the atmosphere is always familiar and warm. We all join as a family and the family pride is shown during rallies and dances and other school-wide activities. The principal is really quite excellent but she does not seem to have the needs of the children in mind. The PTA works very hard to create so many nice things for the school and parent involvement is crucial to the working of the school. As a student I would say that it would not be hard to make friends and there is a place for almost everyone. We are after all an International school with more than 53 nationalities.


odyssey of the mind - frank C Martin 2014