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  • Dr. Frederick Stafford, MD is board certified in Surgery and Surgical Critical Care.
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Frederick Stafford (11 March 1928 – 28 July 1979) was a -born actor. Born Friedrich Strobel von Stein, he spoke fluent Czech, German, English, French and Italian, and was a leading man in European spy-movies.

Frederick Stafford, rođen kao Friedrich Strobel von Stein (11. mart 1928 - 28. jul 1979) bio je filmski glumac rodom iz , najpoznatiji kao serije popularnih špijunskih filmova o agentu .


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A sequence less remarkable for Alfred Hitchcock's attempt to integrate his principals (John Vernon, Frederick Stafford, Karin Dor) into a real Cuban rally than for the genuine appearance of Fidel Castro and Ernesto "Che" Guevara, from Topaz, 1969.