• Geetha Srikrishna
  • Carboxylated Glycans Mediate Colitis through Activation of NF- B1 Geetha Srikrishna,2* Olga Turovskaya, †Raziya Shaikh, Robbin Newlin,* Dirk Foell,‡
  • Review Article Endogenous Damage-Associated Molecular Pattern Molecules at the Crossroads of Inflammation and Cancer1 Geetha Srikrishna and Hudson H. Freeze
  • Geetha Srikrishna : Shashank Gupta : Kelly E Dooley : William R Bishai : Keywords: adjunctive therapy

S100 Protein Family and Tumorigenesis

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Professor Hudson Freeze, Ph.D., director of Burnham's glycobiology and carbohydrate chemistry program, together with staff scientist Geetha Srikrishna, Ph.D., and other colleagues found that a naturally "tweaked" sugar chain normally present on white blood cells and intestinal cells plays a role in inflammation. In addition, the team found that an antibody produced in reaction to the sugar's presence curbed intestinal inflammation induced in mice. These findings will be published in the October 15th edition of Journal of Immunology.

On its 25th year anniversary, Sadhana Sangama Trust held a Yuva Nartana — a solo dance performance by two Bharatanatyam artistes Geetha Srikrishna and Padmapriya Praveen in the city.


Srikrishna, Ramu, Chandra Teja, B