• Geoffrey Rush as "Lionel Logue"
  • Geoffrey Roy Rush,  (born 6 Julie 1951), is an Australie actor an film producer.
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  • Geoffrey Rush as Captain Barbossa.


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The schools program is endorsed by actor Geoffrey Rush, who writes that he first toured with the Queensland Arts Council 44 years ago and ‘now we are old friends’.

Another key thing Rush had to answer to himself was how did Barbossa remain being the captain, mostly because he was one of the oldest pirates on board. "I thought, this guy has got to be a crack swordsman, and a very nasty, dirty fighter. He didn't go to finishing school with an épée; he probably had a sword on his belt from the time he was about 13, and he just knew how to hack off heads." Rush also pointed out that when Barbossa pulled his sword out, "even big guys cower away." Rush was among the actors who complimented 's work as the film's sword master. "Bob understood acting with the sword," says Geoffrey Rush, who primarily trained with a cutlass. "He said, 'Just because it gets faster doesn't mean it's better.' The beats in between and the games that you play eyeball to eyeball are just as important as fast, dazzling work. He was great to have around."


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Based on the people and companies involved behind the scenes, it certainly seems like we should know what to expect from Gods of Egypt: an Egyptian mythology flavored Clash of the Titans look-alike. And while we’re a ways from any trailer or photos to confirm or disprove that notion, the project remains quite interesting due to its casting. A we reported that Gerard Butler (300) and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau had joined the project (antagonizing god Set and demigot Horus, respectively), but since then Geoffrey Rush has also joined the project, and today Brenton Thwaites has come on board as well.