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Cotillion (Regency Romances)


I read Georgette HEYER from an early age in the Uk and inspired to have alove of all things Regency –I am now organising a Regency fsetival in Horncastle this May and thoroughly enjoying it

A big round applause to Laura for reviewing so many Georgette Heyer novels for us. We have been so fortunate to have a Heyer expert to guide us.


book Sylvester by Georgette Heyer сhapter spanish online eReader

Georgette Heyer wrote her romance novels over a period of many years and they were always best sellers even during WWII in England, when their lively, entertaining content helped people forget their misery. Heyer also wrote mysteries, and more serious historical fiction like the superb An Infamous Army, which takes place in Brussels in 1815 during the time of Waterloo. Infantry and calvary movements are so accurately described that this book is required reading at Sandhurst.