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Forever Road (Peri Jean Mace Ghost Thrillers Book 1)

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Matthew Davis: Ghost Road Press really grew out of a desire that Sonya and I had to break away from the confines of doing work that we felt was suffocating our creativity; it grew out of a true love for literature and poetry and the need to be involved with creative people 24/7. Sonya and I have been good friends and have worked together for over a decade now. Our backgrounds are in journalism, publishing, English, and digital media. Our company originally began as a graphic design and copywriting firm—we were slaving away writing corporate books, brochures, and designing company web sites. We were busy, money was starting to come in, and we were absolutely miserable. One day while writing a brochure for a company that sold storage units I looked at Sonya and said, “This sucks. Lets do something we enjoy.” The next step was easy—we came up with publishing. True story.

In 2004, Colorado natives Matthew Davis and Sonya Unrein founded , an independent press based in Denver. Now the press is flourishing, annually publishing a variety of fiction, poetry, and nonfiction titles, many of which are written by Western authors. Matthew Davis recently discussed the history and future of Ghost Road Press in an email interview.


The Appian Way: Ghost Road, Queen of Roads, Kaster

My day job as a glorified copy writer is coming to an end as I'm now working as a systems analyst and data recovery tech. After almost a year of working two jobs I'm about ready to move on and start my own business in publishing. If you have any short stories or article you would like to co-author on Ghostroadpress please contact me.