Gibby Haynes to Celebrate Valentine's Day With X-Ray Single
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Gibby Haynes & His Problem


Gibby Haynes is the lead singer of cult psychedelic band the Butthole Surfers, but he’s also a former accounting student. Haynes is known, amongst other things, for performing concerts in drag, for firing blanks on stage, and for making articles of clothing displaying the image of Lee Harvey Oswald.

Haynes stepped out as a solo artist with a new project, “Gibby Haynes and his Problem.” The band recorded their first album (with Paul Leary helping out in the studio) for Surfdog Records in 2004.


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The TV network has announced the details of its 2014 summer singles series, as reports. Beginning June 9, they'll release one free digital single per week, through September 22, by the likes of Giorgio Moroder, Tim Hecker, Deafheaven, Sleep, Future (with an animated video), Speedy Ortiz, Mastodon (featuring Butthole Surfers singer Gibby Haynes), Run the Jewels, Captain Murphy (aka Flying Lotus), Destruction Unit, Fatima Al-Qadiri, and more.