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The Global Republic: America's Inadvertent Rise to World Power


Article IV- The Global Republic of Armed Nations shall strive to fight wars in an honorable fashion if any alliance pursues military aggression while not treated to any parties involved in the war such alliance shall be deemed bandwagoners and shall be subject to no peace from GRAN. We will fight a war only as a means to an end not for grudges or past mistakes. We will also exhaust all diplomatic channels before resulting to military actions.

Article V- the Global Republic of Armed Nations shall never be disbanded by its emperor or government official. The alliance shall also never be merged as that would only water down the member core of the alliance. As such Upon the death (deleted, quit, computer crash etc.) of the Emperor, his spot shall be filled by the imperial regent or a pre-appointment made by the emperor such as a will or a trust.


Global Glimpse | Open the eyes of tomorrow's leaders.

Two months later, the former founders of GRAN arrived back in planet bob to find the alliance they had loved so much, partly merged, and ultimately destroyed with members scattered all over the place. Aryan83, The military director of AU, and who had also directed the military of GRAN previous to the creation of Auric Armada, had left the AU himself in search of greener pastures, strongly believing certain elements of the AU government had become corrupt in the absence of Alaric and Outworld. After the much consideration of loyal members from the former GRAN, it was decided that a new alliance was to be formed, a great alliance, an alliance that shows true promise to be among the most elite in planet bob, the REVIVAL of GRAN!On September 7, 2008 that idea was put into action. With the help of former friends and allies in the Defense Confederation, a protectorate treaty was created, and the GRAN alliance, under the new name, GLOBAL REPUBLIC OF ARMED NATIONS, was re-born! During the noble beginnings of the re-birth, GRAN attempted to stabilize itself first on the yellow team, then on 11-12-08 GRAN, made the decision of settling on the black team, where it eventually become a member of Dark Vows.