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The Golden Unicorn


Golden Unicorn is a bustling two-storied Cantonese mainstay offering dim sum via attentive, fast-moving cart service. The uniformed service and dragon/phoenix decor add to the old-fashioned dim sum dining experience. You'd be remiss not to try the Darien pastry -- it’s uncommon in Americanized spots, and GU does it very well.

We were in Chinatown and went to the Golden Unicorn based on a recommendation. The restaurant is interesting. When you go in the door, you are immediately sent over to the elevator to be whisked up into the dining area. You are then seated. The food was top notch, and service was great. I ordered and would recommend the egg...


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This is the N in the Myers Briggs Type Indicator test. It stands for intuition. An intuitive decision maker is able to see patterns in the mess. They don’t look at data the same as a sensing decision maker. Sensing people will account for positives and negatives. They will add up the information given and determine the answer. The intuitive types look like they are just guessing. They’re not. They are following their gut instincts and the Golden Unicorns have great instincts.