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  • Gonnado (derived from "going to do") is a leisure activities network.

What You Gonna' Do Now?

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Today some guy tried to "help" me with my backpack, broke it, then asked me for my number. No. If Socrates starts spamming his video entry on every group page I'm going to burn his backpack. Sidney lmao dude college can suck a nut allright! SOO ill be over in like 5 with my backpack for you (-: LOL. I opened my backpack took out my math homework and put it right back in my backpack. Not Gonnado It.


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I'm goin' home yes goin' home
Spend the rest of my life
Named with my wife
Ain't roamin' no more with Moe and Joe
No no I ain't gonna do it
No no I ain't gonna do it
No no I ain't gonna do it
No no I ain't gonna do it
Ain't roamin' no more with Moe and Joe