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The Good Dream


Dreams are your body's way of processing stimuli from your life. The things that you see, smell, hear or do right before bed can affect the pleasantness of your dreaming. In addition, your stress level and expectations about your dreams can also have an impact on how you sleep. You can learn how to have good dreams by adjusting your environment and visualizing good dream outcomes.

Knock, knock! Hush, hush
Good dreams quietly marsh.
Like the fairies they bring stories and tales,
And they sing their song: "Bala-boo, bala-bash".

They dance, they jump,
They play the drum,
But when someone in a house wakes up -
The good dreams end up their fun.

They say "good day!" and go away.
But when we sleep they start again
Tell their stories, and play, and marsh
And sing their song: "Bala-boo, bala-bash".


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I've always believed that dogs dream & have nightmares like we do. Thanks for the article discussing the scientific evidence for it.
The question I have is, is there any objective way to tell whether a dog is having an ordinary dream or a nightmare?
I have a 10 year old shepherd-mix who was abused from the time she was a puppy until she was 2 years old. Since then she's never been hit or abused at all, but given a lot of love and TLC. But she still exhibits abused-behaviors, like fearfulness around raised newspapers and blankets, hostile barking at men with certain features, and hyper-sensitivity to loud noises or angry-sounding voices.
When sleeping, she does the same kinds of things you discussed in the article. She does, however, whimper on some occasions, but I can't tell if it's the kind of whimper of chasing a rabbit, or if it's a fearful whimper. It would be nice to know the difference between her good dreams and bad dreams so that I could gently wake her from a bad dream but leave her be to enjoy her good dreams. Thank you.