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  • Support came in for NLEX guard Mark Cardona after news of his apparent suicide attempt broke out.
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Reponse to pissed off. I agree with everything you have said Perhaps a case action suit is in order for this company. It took me 5 days after everyone else got their paycheck after I resigned. I have never felt so much resentment towards any employer as I have towards this company. They ran me off with extensive managment and security experience and I was replaced with someone who does not have the managment experience or security experience that I possess. But guardsmark does not care how they shalf their employees. I have never been demoted from a job in my entire life and falsely accused of personality characteristics which do not fit my personality. Since their is no union and the memphis office backs their mangers youn are fighting a losing battle. I have had to accept the fact that unless someone takes legal action nothing will change with this company. I do suggest that if you file a suit that you will not get anywhere with using profanity. How to win any suit is with facts, documentation and witnesses when piossible but keep in mind many guardsmark employees will not back you up since the economy is so bad and they dont want to losse their jobs. I can honestly say that I worked in about 8 different sites and for the most part only one of the supervisors was very professional. He got disgusted since the mangment of guardsmark would not back him up even though he requested that a security officer be removed from the site back in septmenber of 2008 and it was not done yet I was told I was be relieved of my duties as the site supervisor only to find out that it was not the vendor but the gurdsmark managers who wanted me out. They are very unprofessional and untruthful. Fortunately I have other income to fall back on or I would have been demoted and never knew what site I would be at or what my pay check would look like every two weeks. This company continutes to get away with mistreating staff yet no one inverstigates what is going on with this company. They want to retain staff yet there were over 20 officers who were gone from the site I was at in about 18 months. Another site I was at there was a turnover rate of over 20 employees and the captain which is the highest payed employee at the site gets the most overtime and it is not questioned by the guardmark managment. During the time I was site supervisor I tried to correct defiencies and instead of being praised for my efforts I was reprimanded. I was fortunatley able to get another job with a manager who is very impressed with me. I am making less money but the stress that the vendor and the mangment put me thru was not worth the extra money. I would not recommend this company to my worse enemy to work for.

wow alot of pros and alot of cons regarding guardsmark. Im a current employees of guardsmark have been going on 4 years now. Im over in michigan where imsure most of you know employment rate hit double digits. So i am blessed that i have a job in this state. How ever the lack of organization from my managaer is increasing my fusteration with the company. Where i work i get paid 80 dollars apart from my bi weekly check for my cell phone bill cause im on call i get my 80 cell phone check every month yet it is april and i'm still waiting to recieve my monthly check for feb and mar. Yea when i approach my branch mgr. he will not disclose the name of who i could talk to which is very un professional in my opinion. Any ideas.


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