• Hammond Innes
  • Photo: Hammond Innes (Camera Press, 1985)
  • Hammond Innes nació en Horsham (Inglaterra), el 1 de Julio de 1913.
  • Hammond Innes. Fire in the snow

The Angry Mountain

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Innes wrote over thirty novels, as well as several works of non-fiction and travel journalism. His thrilling stories of spies, counterfeiters, black markets and shipwreck earned him both literary acclaim and an international following, and in 1978 he was awarded a CBE. Hammond Innes died at his home in Suffolk on 10th June 1998.

The author in question is none other than Ralph Hammond Innes (July 15, 1913 – June 10, 1998), as:
• Author of four novels adapted into films;
• Novelist of an adventure story serialized on television;
• Writer of a fiction thriller transmitted by radio.


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Innes's historical works include THE CONQUISTADORS (1969) and THE LAST VOYAGE (1978), a fictionalized account of Captain Cook's voyage. His last novel, DELTA CONNECTION, appeared in 1996, and included all the familiar elements of a Hammond Innes book: daring escapes, cliffhanging situations, and overpowering forces of nature. In the story an English mining engineer escapes from Romania with a young mysterious woman. Their adventures lead to Afghanistan and to struggle for survival among the word's highest mountains.