"The Handl Tarot" deck by Hermann Handl, books by Rachel Pollack
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  • The cups are in confusion, reflecting chaos
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Rowan Tarot: Haindl Tarot: What's it all about?

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I also have some new decks that I want to explore and are rich & beautiful. The Blue Rose Tarot is one that calls to me and I should be getting the Large Handl tarot shortly from a trade. Oh, what to do!

The stress of being in the States for those few weeks quickly caught up with me. About a month in, I started having severe stomach pain. And, out of control anxiety….so bad I would wake up in the middle of the night out of a deep sleep, crying in a full blown panic attack. I would cry out, “I’m dying!” gasping for air. Marty would comfort me, rubbing my back, “Deep, belly breaths, babe. Deep belly breaths.” I kept laying out the Handl Tarot, and 12 times it brought the Death card.


They can also use tarot cards, psychics, or exorcists