Harry Potter Wizard Chess Set by Mattel (2009)
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Harry Potter Wizard Chess Set (NN7580)

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In Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, Ron, Harry, and Hermoine battled a troll, a three-headed dog, a plant called Devil's Snare, and flying keys. However, no challenge is ever as dangerous as the last. From the Noble Collection is an amazing tribute to the Final Challenge from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. The pieces measure from two and a half inches tall to five and a half inches tall and are manufactured from a high quality die-cast zinc alloy. These renderings are an exact replica of the giant chess board and pieces from the Final Challenge. The board is constructed of a highly durable, plexiglass material and measures twenty inches long by twenty inches wide. See if you can survive this game of wizards chess with the Noble Collections Final Challenge Harry Potter chess set.

You've seen the movies or read the books and now you get Harry Potter chess set pieces. Thousands of people have embarked on a journey into a mystical world of witches and wizards, flying on brooms, waving wands, wizards duels, "Quidditch", "Wizards Chess". There is no mistaking the icons that have become the Harry Potter books, and now movies. Fans of the series imagine what it would be like if the world of hippogryphs, house elves, Centaurs, dragons, and giants were real. However, finding the magic is not impossible. Follow the "Golden Snitch" and you will find that the best way to win a wizards duel is with a game of chess, and pieces are sure to do the job.


Harry Potter Quidditch Chess Set

As i said on the video, this is not the harry potter chess set from The Noble Collection, this is another one, that was sold by EL TIEMPO, a colombian newspaper.

Here is the link to my blog, ( ) you can see pictures from all of my harry potter items, but im just starting so it may take a while.