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Harry woke up, but feigned death. He was assisted in this by Narcissa Malfoy, who had secretly turned against Voldemort by telling him Harry was dead in order to protect , because she knew the only way she would be permitted to enter Hogwarts was with the rest of the in their victory march. Voldemort then triumphantly disgraced Harry's "dead" body with the then forced to carry Harry's body back to Hogwarts, proclaiming Harry dead and demanding surrender. At first, the surviving fighters were heartbroken, especially Ron, Hermione, Ginny, and Professor McGonagall. They screamed abuse at the Death Eaters in anger, remaining defiant. Harry's apparent death had spurred the defenders of Hogwarts on.

Overcome by his struggle for the Stone and his injuries, Harry then passed out, just as Dumbledore arrived and took the Stone. When Harry awoke in the hospital three days later, Dumbledore informed him that Quirrell had been abandoned by Voldemort, leaving him to die. During his unconsciousness in the , Harry missed the last Quidditch match of the year — Gryffindor vs. , the latter house winning due to Harry's absence. At the , Harry was awarded an extra 60 points for Gryffindor by Dumbledore for pure nerve and outstanding courage, as Ron and Hermione were awarded 50 points each and Neville Longbottom 10, eventually winning Gryffindor the , breaking Slytherin's chance of winning for a seventh year in a row.


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Taylor's fifth album 1989 features two confirmed songs about Harry titled " and ". was released as the third single from 1989, and became one of the best selling songs of 2015. The title references Harry's surname and Swift is seen holding a paper airplane necklace in the music video. Swift confirmed references a December 2012 snow mobile accident she and Harry were in where "my life flashed before my eyes". Harry was seen with bandages on his chin in the immediate aftermath. The referential lyrics are "Remember when you hit the breaks too soon, 20 stitches in the hospital room, when you started crying, baby, I did too". Certain lyrics also reference December and paper airplanes. On December 31, 2015, three years to the day they shared their only, and final, public kiss, Taylor premiered the music video for "Out Of The Woods". It featured title cards stating "She lost him, but she found herself and, somehow, that was everything". Swift liked fan posts via her official Tumblr, confirming the blue dress worn in the video is based on the blue dress she was wearing in a paparazzi photo taken on the day she split from Harry. Her "likes" also confirmed the necklace she rips off and throws down a cliff in the video is based on the paper airplane necklaces she and Harry wore.