• Correct: We wish they had been honest.
  • She had been glad when he had asked her if she “wanted to relax and hang out”, but this was completely unexpected
  • Have been. You have been very nice to all of us. She has been crying for three hours. She had been cooking the pasta for an hour when I ...
  • Your sentence would be correct with the proper punctuation.If she had been good, you would have been good too.

If He Had Been with Me


Controversy rapidly surrounded Edward's death. With Mortimer's execution in 1330, rumours began to circulate that Edward had been murdered at Berkeley Castle. Accounts that he had been killed by the insertion of a red-hot iron or into his slowly began to circulate, possibly as a result of deliberate propaganda; chroniclers in the mid-1330s and 1340s spread this account further, supported in later years by 's colourful account of the killing. It became incorporated into most later histories of Edward, typically being linked to his possible homosexuality. Most historians now dismiss this account of Edward's death, querying the logic in Edward's captors murdering him in such an easily detectable fashion.

Reactions to the death of Gaveston varied considerably. Edward was furious and deeply upset over what he saw as the murder of Gaveston; he made provisions for Gaveston's family, and intended to take revenge on the barons involved. The earls of Pembroke and Surrey were embarrassed and angry about Warwick's actions, and shifted their support to Edward in the aftermath. To Lancaster and his core of supporters, the execution had been both legal and necessary to preserve the stability of the kingdom. Civil war again appeared likely, but in December, the Earl of Pembroke negotiated a potential peace treaty between the two sides, which would pardon the opposition barons for the killing of Gaveston, in exchange for their support for a fresh campaign in Scotland. Lancaster and Warwick, however, did not give the treaty their immediate approval, and further negotiations continued through most of 1313.


He Had Been Wanting to See Jesus

The mystery as to where he had been and where he was going remains as baffling as the moment Mr Bajorat was discovered. This picture is one of a number of haunting photographs found in albums aboard his yacht