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  • Heaven Solar Hot water was based at Kendor St Arundel QLD, but are no longer trading
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Solar System: A Visual Exploration of All the Planets, Moons and Other Heavenly Bodies that Orbit Our Sun


Heavenly Solar Hot WaterHeavenly Solar PTY LTD based at 38/38 Kendor St, Arundel QLD 4214 applied for voluntary reregistration of a company in October 2014. They where sold under the Evocation banner or Heavenly Solar. It is unfortunate the company is no longer trading. They produced a large number of Evacuated tube solar hot water systems through out Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and Hervey Bay. Even though the production of Solar hot water system has ceased we are able purchase and supply replacement Plumbing parts for Heaven Solar, Solar Hot Water Systems.

Heavenly Solar are no longer manufactured but Solar Hot Water Repairs carry spare parts suitable for plumbing repairs on Heavenly solar hot water systems. We have the stock to fix your system on the spot and save you money.


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