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In the information age, one of society’s favorite things to talk about is the increase in violence in our communities. Apparently, back in the day people were very peaceful and didn’t go around killing each other the way they do now (just, you know, raping, lynching and committing genocide, harmless shit). I’m not arguing against the increase in violence, but I think its fair to point out that killing has been happening for most of human history. In fact, serial killers have plagued the world for centuries, if not millennia. The scary thing is that historically, many serial killers were in positions of power – not the loner, powerless, inadequate types you see on TV today. These were emperors and empresses, high powered lawyers and knights who used their positions to massacre and torture sometimes hundreds of people. Things aren’t so different today if you count ordering hundreds of thousands of deaths by war or for corporate profit, but a lot of these historical serial killers also got their hands personally bloody, kidnapping and torturing peasants and children, bathing in their blood and reveling in their sadistic power over the powerless. The sickness has always been in us, and its up to us to make the choice to treat each other with respect or to become the monster within…

Right now, they have complete coverage, that means every episode, of 30+ true crime television shows. Shows like ), (this show includes many historical serial killers), and . Of course, they also have incomplete seasons and series with many of your favorite true crime TV shows.


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