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Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves

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In 1998 a 15-year-old Mila Kunis began her role as Jackie on That 70’s Show and in 2011 she received critical acclaim for her role in Black Swan, but in 1997 she played a tomboy named Jill in the straight-to-VHS movie, Honey We Shrunk Ourselves.

Production Designer of this project, Carol Winstead Wood worked with the show's property master to find companies that would agree to have their products featured. Typically, " as a film designer, we try to avoid having our films look like a commercial" however this script was ideally suited for product placement. My original budget was not over two hundred and fifty thousand. These companies helped to increase the Art Department's budget and gave me the opportunity to "put more production value" on screen. In Honey We Shrunk Ourselves it was challenging to fabricate realistic 'over scale props' that our characters could interact with. Dean Cundey was a great director to work with, his background as a cinematographer paid off handsomely. The integration of the actors working with 'over scale props' into our computer generated backgrounds made this project one of my most interesting films and a privilege to design.


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