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Christian Hosoi is an American professional skateboarder.

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Photographer Grant Brittain is the Ansel Adams of skateboarding. Since he first triggered his camera at the legendary Del Mar Skate Ranch in 1979, Brittain has been shooting the greatest skateboarders in our history, with an eye and aesthetic that has yet to be matched.
This week Brittain celebrates his 30-plus years behind the camera with a photo exhibition at Culture Brewing Co. in Solana Beach, Calif. The show highlights Brittain's reign at the Del Mar Skate Ranch skate park from 1979 through 1987. With photos of youngsters Tony Hawk, Steve Caballero, Christian Hosoi and many others, a trek down to Culture Brewing Co. is a must for any die-hard skate fan.
Jay Adams, 1984.

The signature board comes on the Penny 27” “Nickel” board with custom Christian Hosoi white/black trucks, black wheels, and custom Hosoi griptape.


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Madman Entertainment picked up the rights to Nerawareta Gakuen under the name Psychic School Wars back in 2013 and finally got the release out earlier this month on August 3rd. With a Funimation pickup recently that will be coming later this fall, Madman has now put out a subtitled trailer for the separate DVD and Blu-ray releases they put out for it. The nearly two-hour feature came out back in the fall of 2012 from Aniplex and was directed by Ryousuke Nakamura who also wrote the screenplay and did both key animation and storyboard work on it. Mieko Hosoi served as the chief animation director and the character designer on it.