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  • Vintage Good Housekeeping Magazine
  • Vintage Good Housekeeping Magazine
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Good Housekeeping


Take a look at the three logos available at selected newsstands:

Say goodbye to this logo:

Save this logo, it seems it did not make the cut:

And get used to this logo, that is the new face of Good Housekeeping magazine.

After few months of testing, Good Housekeeping magazine has settled on a new logo that it will usher nationwide with its January issue. The magazine has been testing two new logos emphasizing the word GOOD over the word Housekeeping. Last week, in an ad in The New York Times, Good Housekeeping revealed the logo that seems to have won the test…


Vintage Good Housekeeping Magazine

The list of 25 women appeared Tuesday in the pages of the September issue of Good Housekeeping magazine, which has a print circulation of around 4 million and millions more online.