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How Children Succeed: Grit, Curiosity, and the Hidden Power of Character


Tough’s portraits of children persevering and succeeding – even in the face of extreme adversity – are important and inspiring. How Children Succeed includes a profile of OneGoal Alumna and Western Illinois student Kewauna Lerma, as well as Michele Stefl, Kewauna’s Program Director and Jeff Nelson, Co-Founder & CEO of OneGoal.

In How Children Succeed, Paul Tough argues for a new understanding of the idea of character. It is not an innate skill, he contends; it’s not something we receive because of good luck or good genes. It is molded by the environment in which we grow up. “Character can be taught not just by parents but by schools, coaches, and mentors as well,” Tough says. “Which means we all have a responsibility to help kids develop their character strengths – as well as their math skills.”


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It's entitled "How children succeed" but really it's not. It's about the children - well actually teenagers, there's not a lot about children- who don't succeed. Example after example, research studies and projects all illustrate how hard it is for the kids born to poor and dysfunctional parents to break that cycle. After hearing the author talk on the radio and reading an article about him, I bought the book for the Parenting Collecton for the library I work in. I had thought it might offer some insights for parents about parenting strategies. But the only strategies I can put into place as a result of reading the book are