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  • How Long It Really Takes To Write A Book

How long does it take to write a haiku? (Coffeehouse Junkie Chapbook Book 1)

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Most people I meet are curious about how long it takes to write a book. I suspect writers ask because they are secretly comparing their process to mine, or they are calculating the free hours in their days, ever convinced that if they only had more time… Non-writers express disbelief that anyone has time to write a coherent thank-you note, let alone a whole book. As an author, when I see the final product, I’m still amazed that it all came out of me. All by myself (almost) I made each and every word fit together in a little puzzle of sense until it meant something to someone else. A book is a tiny miracle when you really stop to think about all the processes that had to combine in order for it to live.

This question comes up quite often in one form or another. I can’t tell you how many times at a writers conference someone has asked me how long it takes me to write a book, or finish a first draft, or how many words I write each day.


one asked me how long it took me to write mine