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  • Huge Hippo Chases Safari Speedboat in Botswana

Hippos Are Huge!


In the cool of the night hours, the huge hippos from Lake Victoria would come ashore to find grazing to sustain their huge bulk. The vegetable gardens or shambas of the local people were ripe and ready for the eating!

Hippos are huge, heavy but not happy as they have a very unpredictable temperament. I’m very grateful that my father was able to rid the village of this pesky problem…the huge hippo. The villagers also learned where it would be more advantageous to plant their gardens so as not to put temptation in harm’s way. This way, everyone was happy, even the Heavy, Huge Hippo! Perhaps we should call him Hugo!


Angry Hippo Chases Speedboat During Unforgettable Experience