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As strange as it may sound, this isn’t the first time doctors have had to remove a massive human hairball from someone’s belly. In November of 2007, Chicago surgeons yanked a 10 pound wad of hair from a teenager’s digestive system. Reports indicate that the girl had been experiencing pain and swelling in her stomach for nearly five months before seeking treatment. Once the offending material had been removed, the woman was able to eat and drink normally.

Once inside the girl’s stomach, doctors were shocked at what they discovered: four pounds of human hair wrapped around a massive wad of chalk. reports that the teenager is extremely fond of consuming pieces of chalk, not to mention large sections of her own hair. Over time, this disturbing combination collected into a large obstruction inside her digestive system. When surgeons removed the human hairball from her gut, they discovered it had been lodged between her stomach and small intestine.


a bezoar is a ball of swallowed foreign material.