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Fundamentals of Site Remediation: for Metal- and Hydrocarbon-Contaminated Soils


In preferred embodiments the composition to be mixed with hydrocarbon contaminated soils further contains napthalene or other cyclic ring hydrocarbons covalently linked to a mineral acid such as sulfonic acid. The composition can also include other mineral acids such as sulfuric, hydrochloric, or industrially derived impure mixtures of mineral acids.

To facilitate distribution of the foregoing composition through hydrocarbon contaminated soil, the composition is mixed with water prior to mixing with hydrocarbon contaminated soil. A water/composition mixture that includes between about 2.5% and 0.025% composition by volume in a preferred embodiment, between about 1% and 0.1% composition by volume is a more preferred embodiment, and about 0.25% composition by volume in a most preferred embodiment, is thoroughly mixed with hydrocarbon contaminated soil to enhance the rate of bioremediation.


hydrocarbon contaminated soil at a residential dwelling at, No 1

Application of the compositions of the present invention to hydrocarbon contaminated soil is generally accomplished by first pouring a mixture of a foregoing composition and water onto hydrocarbon contaminated soil. The soil is then physically manipulated by mechanical or manual tillage to thoroughly mix the composition with the soil. Tillage has the additional advantage of promoting aeration of of the soil, thus favoring the growth of aerobic hydrocarbon degrading bacteria. If required, loose or friable hydrocarbon contaminated soils can be treated with art recognized soil amenitives to improve the porosity, permeability, or other soil properties that would favor mixing the cationic exchange resins with the soil.