I HUNT KILLERS Book Series by Barry Lyga
  • I HUNT KILLERS Book Series by Barry Lyga
  • that the I Hunt Killers series will soon be available in Japan
  • Ever consider making the I Hunt Killers series into a graphic novel? Is television in the future? What are your hopes for the series?
  • I sound like Ice-T when I say bro. -Howie Howie Gertson is Jasper Dent's best friend in the I Hunt Killers Series.

I Hunt Killers (Jasper Dent)


The I Hunt Killers series has been my favorite ever since I read the first book. They are unique and have the perfect amount of gore, emptional/psychological/physical struggle, and Howie, someone who makes almost every situation that little bit less serious. They are all books that once picked up, they are near impossible to put down.

Fan-favorite character Howie Gersten — Jazz Dent’s hemophiliac best friend from the bestselling I HUNT KILLERS series — finally gets a story all his own! Set one year before the events of the series, “Blood Boy” takes you inside Howie’s hilariously twisted mind for one night only. Enjoy Halloween as only Howie can, learn more about his relationship with Jazz and Connie…and discover exactly what it is he’s keeping a secret from both of them.


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