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PERFECT CREDIT IN 12 MONTHS: The Ultimate Guide to Fast Credit Repair

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My dilemma is that most people reading my blog will already know this as true So, if you are one of those people who knew this as a fact, I ask you to forward this on to someone who you think may not know it. Someone who could benefit from knowing how credit cards help build credit. And don’t be so sure that everyone you know would know this. Both my brother and friend are highly educated people who just happen to not know much about how credit cards build your credit.

Credit cards can be pretty awful. But for most people, they’re not that bad. They can be good tools in the right hands (for building credit and for earning points, for example).


Seven Arrested In Credit Card Fraud Busts

After your dispute has been investigated, Equifax will either update the status of the disputed information (this may include informing you that the creditor verified the information it was reporting was correct) or delete the disputed item from your file. If the creditor confirms that the disputed information is correct and will remain in your credit report, you have the option to add a statement of explanation to your file, free of charge, in order to explain the nature of your dispute.