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Sony Home Entertainment' 'Insanitarium', the helming debut from Jeff Buhler, is coming to DVD across the US on July 15th. And STYD have grabbed a batch of new stills from the Jesse Metcalfe starring feature. Check them out below.

An animation used at the Belgian festival Pukkelpop. This video was shown at Petit Bazar, one of the many stages. It was a part of a project with INSANITARIUM as a common theme.


Insanitarium (VF) - Bande Annonce - YouTube

And what a let-down this was, because honestly I was starting to get into it. Sure it was crap -- but it was entertaining crap. Director (whose other credit is ) seems to be out to capture the same kind of deranged madness as Alone in the Dark. Not the Uwe Boll craptacular splatterpiece but the classic early '80s psycho killer film which ramped up the tension not by upping the body count, but by upping the psycho killer count. When a group of mental patients escape their facility, they terrorize their doctor and his family. And it is a special kind of awesome. Insanitarium felt inspired by that and appeared to be going there -- changing the idea from a siege on the heroes' house to an escape from the facility itself.