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  • I think there should be another section between intermediate and advanced, because I think it's actually quite a large step.
  • Nick Carroll explains the definition of a beginner, intermediate and advanced surfer.
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Recently I had a coworker, surfer, ask me weather she was a beginner or intermediate surfer. I (carefully) told her she was a beginner. She asked (and here is the question): What is the definition of a beginner, intermediate and advance surfer?????? I answered, "I can tell (as most competent surfers can) just by looking." But in 34 years of surfing I don't think I've ever heard a definition of what level a surfer surfs, beginner, intermediate or advanced.

If you’re reading this, then you should be past the stage of weight training and in search of the best intermediate or advanced workouts and routines.


What adjective is between "intermediate" and "advanced"?

Besides, someone who just knows code yet has never worked in a team or with clients doesn't have the full picture. Its one thing to control every aspect of your own project and its quit another to controlled by a clients or bosses demands. The goal is to make money and the balance between productivity and quality is what makes someone a professional in comparison to your hobbiest where quality is for most concern. That isn't the way it is in the day to day world because time is money. getting to those intermediate and advanced levels includes some type of level where you are consistently solving others problems and balancing quality and productivity.