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  • Students read and discuss  Ira Sleeps Over  . Then they write a persuasive paragraph.
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Ira Sleeps Over


The story is funny and delightful, and the illustrations are just perfect, but the best thing about Ira Sleeps Over is that this story is told so beautifully. Poor Ira. He wants to sleep over at his friend’s house, but he’s nervous about bringing his teddy bear. Will his friend make fun of him? The suspense is huge.

Eventually, when I narrow down my list of top 365 children’s books to a top 50 or even a top 10, I suspect Ira Sleeps Over will make it to my top 10. It’s touching. It’s original. It doesn’t feel dated even though it was published in 1975.


Ira Sleeps Over: read aloud audio

This 29 page literature unit of activities, pdf printables and vocabulary is designed to support the classroom literature study of Ira Sleeps Over, by Bernard Waber. These Ira Sleeps Over lesson plans and worksheets include a variety of resources. A few of them are listed below.