• IちゃんはNHKの美の壺にも出演しているという。さらにIはIRONHOUSEからの命名ということで、


21554 Tasman HighwayIronhouse PointEast Coast of TasmaniaPH: +61 3 6372 2228


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  • Ironhorse at Central Station is located at 1801 14th Street in Oakland. Click  for a map.
  • 構造家・梅沢良三さんのご自宅であり,建築家・椎名英三さんが設計された住宅,IRONHOUSEを見学させて頂く機会を得た.
  • IRONHOUSEは2007年に竣工し,2011年の建築学会賞を受賞した住宅である.今回は受賞を期に,まだ実物を見ていない建築関係者を対象に,すでに生活されている住宅の内部を特別公開して頂いた.

Iron House


After my recent post about , I figured it would be only fair to see if the other area Residential Recycled Water Fill Stations posted data of their own. The only other district to do so is Ironhouse Sanitary District in Oakley.

The Ironhouse Wastewater Treatment Plant is a new, 4.3 million gallon/day average dry weather flow wastewater treatment facility. The scope of work consists of the integration of the existing wastewater treatment facilities, the construction of an influent treatment pipeline from the existing wastewater treatment plant to the new wastewater treatment plant, the installation of a discharge pipeline, outfall, and diffuser off the north shore of Jersey Island for discharge of treated effluent into the San Joaquin River, and the extension of a 24-inch diameter pipeline on Jersey Island.


Ironhouse Sanitary District, CA

A sincere thank you to Ironhouse Gym for having me. Alan, you are such a teddy bear, thank you for taking such good care of us. And a big thank you to Mike for introducing me to some pretty amazing people. You're right when you say it is a one man sport, but helping and cheering on your friends, teammates, and fellow competitors is what it's really about and what makes this journey worthwhile. Looking forward to the gang getting together again in a few weeks!