• He says maybe he’d like us to do that with his book. We’ll figure all that out later.
  • "The Jungle Book" The animals in this book show they are smarter than humans.
  • however this book is still entertaining.

The Amazing Book Is Not on Fire: The World of Dan and Phil


Diverse Children’s Books is a book-sharing meme designed to promote the reading and writing of children’s books that feature diverse characters. This community embraces all kinds of diversity including (and certainly not limited to) diverse, inclusive, multicultural, and global books for children of all backgrounds.

I find most appealing the second cover, for its colors and the sentence ” PICK IT UP-AND KEEP IT HIDDEN”
The cover that catch my attention is the third, because are represented the three protagonists, Rafael, Gardo and Rat, while they are looking for special things; I like the dumpsite, too, although it is a bad place, it is all illuminated by the sun and it seems there is a better life in the future for the protagonists.
For me, this is a book that deals about a sad truth. Today, unfortunately, there are many people that lived in dumpsites, with no hope for the future and only few people knows this hard reality.
I think that life in dumpsites is brutal, because you always find rubbishes ( like human muck!). I think also that life is sad in dumpsites, because you don’t find friends and you have to work into rubbishes all days to earn money and to have something to eat every days.
My questions for the girl are:
1. What are your goals?
2. Are you afraid about your health?
3. Have you got friends here?
4. What place in the world, you would like to go?
5. Would you like to run away from the dumpsite?
6. Have you got parents, brothers or sisters?
For me, the children in the photos are looking forward their goals and their future life. Their eyes tell me that they would like to run away and have a life more beautiful!


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