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Reasons My Kid Is Crying


The name “Texas Is the Reason” is lifted from a Misfits song, entitled “Bullet”. It also makes reference to a conspiracy theory about the assassination of John F. Kennedy, in which the president was killed in a plot arranged by Texas Democrats in order to give Lyndon B. Johnson control of the White House. Releasing three songs on an EP, Texas Is the Reason became an underground smash and helped usher in an era of similarly motivated and styled emo bands. They then released a split single with The Promise Ring through Jade Tree Records. The following year (1995) they released another split single with Samuel through British record label Simba.

Kant's discussions of theoretical reason are not obviously connectedto his account of practical reason. His accounts of truth, scientificmethod and the limited insights of theoretical reason are all complex,as is his view of practical reason and morality. No one doubts thatknowledge and scientific enquiry, no less than action, are subject todemands of rationality. However, if Kant's account of reason isbased—as O'Neill above all has argued—in avoidingprinciples of enquiry and of action that others cannot also adopt, itwould be possible to see the underlying unity of these demands. Wewould understand, for example, why Kant so strenuously resists claimsto transcendent insight. To give authority to such claims—thoseof revelation and religious authority, for example—would beirrational insofar as they rest on principles of belief that not allcould adopt.


Jesus is the reason for the season

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