• Isidore Mankofsky (, de ) és un .
  • Photo: Isidore Mankofsky, ASC
  • Fotógrafos: Isidore Mankofsky
  • Isidore Mankofsky (born September 22, 1931, in , ) is an  . He shot more than 200 educational movies for .

Clinton & Nadine (artisan)


(1962). An exploration of SanFrancisco dock life, from the work of longshoremen to cityscapes along thewaterfront. Cinematography by Isidore Mankofsky, music by Ramblin'Jack Elliott.

No, not a field guide to being a stormtrooper on the Forest Moon of Endor! This is actually an all-new exclusive interview with Isidore Mankofsky, who was the cinematographer on the Ewoks: Battle for Endor TV movie of 1985. Isidore has also unearthed some great, never-before-published photos from the making of the movie!


Isidore Mankofsky Editing: Jeff Gourson Music: John Barry

To our knowledge, cinematographer Isidore Mankofsky may have beeninvolved in more academic films than any other individual in his profession. His workfor Encyclopaedia Britannica was inventive, and, more than occasionally,extraordinary (note the gargantuan human hand on the beach in 'Beach: River ofSand'). After his career in academic film, he went on to a brilliantcareer in feature films ('Somewhere in Time'). Below, you'll find hisbiography and extensive academic filmography.