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The Island Stallion (Black Stallion)


Last week was our tribute to and this week it’s all about his arch nemesis Flame, the Island Stallion. This character is every bit as dynamic as The Black and the books are just as exciting.

I have to admit that although I loved the Black Stallion books, the Island Stallion was always my favorite. The remote island setting is rather romantic and the survival story is as important as the animal’s speed & beauty. I love the books, but have to admit that the cover art on these is a step down from the originals (who’s with me?)


Flame the Island Stallion - YouTube

After the war Walter Farley resumed the adventures of Alec and the Black with THE BLACK STALLION® RETURNS. This was followed by SON OF THE BLACK STALLION®. Then Mr. Farley tried his hand at a story about a new boy, Steve Duncan, and a new horse, Flame, in THE ISLAND STALLION. Mr. Farley’s readers were just as delighted with this book as his others.