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It's Pat: The Movie


Arguably the least successful of the many feature film spin-offs of Saturday Night Live television sketch characters, this comedy barely won a quick theatrical release. Julia Sweeney stars as the titular Pat Riley, an obnoxious, drooling nerd of mind-boggling androgyny. Pat is also a bit of a klutz, which leads to his/her dismissal from a range of workplaces, including a sushi bar and the United States Postal Service. As a next door neighbor, Kyle (Charles Rocket), becomes obsessed with distinguishing Pat's gender, even to the point of seducing Pat and stealing his/her diary, things begin looking up for the plucky hero/heroine. Pat meets a significant other, the equally sexless "Chris" (Dave Foley), gets engaged, and wins fame and success as a frank radio talk-show host. The real-life rock band Ween also plays a significant role in Pat's misadventures, casting him/her in a rock video after catching Pat's cringe-inducing musical performance on the TV show "America's Creepiest People." Despite a rumored rewrite of the script by Sweeney's hip longtime friend Quentin Tarantino, the film was considered one of the year's biggest turkeys.

But at one of these jobs, Pat meets the just as androgynous Chris (Dave Foley), and the two immediately fall for each other. Get it? No one knows if Chris is a man or a woman either, and because their sexual orientation is never clear, their relationship and attraction to each other does nothing to clarify either of their genders. Also, Charles Rocket plays Kyle, a neighbor of Pat’s whose obsession with discovering Pat’s gender leads to an infatuation, that I guess is meant to be funny.


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