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Lifespan: - Related: - Films: According to wire service reports, Itami Juzo, committed by jumping off a building on Dec. 21, 1997. He was 64. In 1992 the Japanese movie director had his face slashed by Yakuza because he portrayed them as ordinary gangsters, thugs and extortionists in his film (Minbo no onna). Yakuza prefer to be portrayed as modern samurai with Robin Hood qualities.

I didn't know much about Itami Juzo before visiting but came away quite interested and wanting to watch all of his movies. The museum is well set out and very fresh and modern. Not a huge amount in English but still worth a visit.


Itami Juzo Referentiality and Self- referenciality

Itami’s Career Itami Juzo was born in 1933 as a son of Mansaku Itamai, who was a prominent film director in the silent age. At high school he met Oe Kenzaburo, who was to marry Itami’s sister. Failing to enter University of Osaka, he became a commercial designer, TV reporter, essayist and actor.