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James Garfield Broadnax was  for capital murder. At the time, he was 20-years-old.


  • Eddie Gregg vs. James Broad, Aug. 23rd, 1984.
  • Noah Howes asks Class 4CF's Questions to Sportswear Designer James Broad.
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Hacking with Kali: Practical Penetration Testing Techniques


James Broad (January 27, 1958 – November 20, 2001) was an American heavyweight boxer who was an amateur star and, prior to the boycott, set to represent America in the 1980 Moscow . As a pro he won the heavyweight title and was a regular sparring partner of a peak .

Former heavyweight boxer James Broad died at the age of 43 on November 20th, 2001. Unfortunately he was homeless, living his last days in a bus shelter near Las Vegas. Before he died he was rumored to be suffering from brain damage and alcohol addiction. A sad ending, he deserved better.


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Commenting on these figures James Broadhead, CEO of Close Brothers Motor Finance, said: “Although vans are a common sight on our roads, we can often overlook their important role within our wider economy.